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In "Mind Flipping" discover the approach uncovered by this House Flipper turned Mind Flipper and bring lasting, intentional, transformation to your life. 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle 
My Gift to You:
Mind Flipping

Renovating Habits for Health, Wealth & Happiness

What Others Are Saying:
"Rick is the real deal. He’s an authentic person who’s focused on getting a person to understand and be okay with who they are so that they can move forward with power. He will come into a group situation and really understand what’s going on at a deep emotional level for each individual and be able to pull out of them what their greatest strength” 
- Dr. Steve G. Jones, 
Trainer, Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, guest on Bravo TV's Millionaire Matchmaker and Below Deck
What really separates Rick is that’s he’s truly full of substance and useful advice. It’s no surprise that students and executives love him. He motivated our audience, delivering and customizing his message in a heart-centered way. He stood out because he connected with our audience so authentically. Our guests benefitted from his practical, life-changing tips” 
- Selena D. Valentine
Founder, CEO of HypnoBiz 
International Conferences
"I highly recommend Rick to anyone whose interested in changing their life, habits, and moving forward in a positive direction. He has an amazing ability to get right down to the problem at its core and to gently ease you into clarity, movement and release around that particular issue. Rick is extremely helpful as a coach and can compliment his coaching ability with hypnotherapy at the same time. He's the one stop guy with many tools to use to help change your life." 
- Stacy Krafczyk
Teacher, Trainer, Psychic
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